Red Wine

The ladies of Book Club certainly liked their wine.  Whether they were happy or sad, there was a great deal of wine.  White wine, red wine and even rose, the new hip wine.    They may have added a small charcuterie board, but the wine was the star of their evenings.  Like my own book club, […]

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Book Club

This movie is very cute.  You didn’t see all the best parts in the trailer.  Diane Keaton (recently widowed), Jane Fonda (perpetual cougar), Mary Steenburgen (loving but stale marriage) and Candice Bergen (bitter divorcee) are adorable as four lifelong friends.  Reading the E.L. James novels starts a conversation made more comfortable with a great deal […]

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Mini Pot Roast Bites

On Chesil Beach opens with our newlyweds, Florence and Edward, trying to eat the nuptial dinner.  Flashbacks of their courtship are interspersed as they nervously watch their meal being prepared in their room by two solicitous but clumsy waiters.  The tension continues to mount as they sit down to beef with boiled potatoes, carrots and […]

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On Chesil Beach

Most of this story is told in flashbacks.  Their romance is very sweet if not passionate, and Florence’s past is disturbing.   The lack of communication and inexperience are a sign of the times but lead to tragic consequences.   Saoirse Ronan is perfect in the role of Florence, a girl who may have just wanted to […]

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Who knew that competitive puzzling was a thing?  I have always liked Kelly Macdonald (Agnes).  She is wonderful as a woman trying to reinvent herself after her children are grown (though still in the nest).  David Denman (Louie) is charming as her confused and loving husband.  Irrfan Khan (Robert) is convincing as her puzzle partner […]

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Tarteletter or Danish Chicken and Asparagus Tartlets

This is a stretch.  I think the only thing consumed in The Guilty is the Danish version of Alka-Selzer.   I found this recipe at  and thought it looked like comfort food.  It might be something Asker would have after his evening at the office.

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The Guilty

The Guilty is an absorbing film that should be seen in the theater if possible.  This film is the definition of minimalism, but you are totally captivated by the action.   Just like a trailer, I don’t want to give you any preconceived ideas.  We saw this at Sundance 2018 and really enjoyed it. Our Rating: […]

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Lemon Extreme Cupcakes

You’re not sure where Beast is going.  It takes some interesting and harsh twists and turns.  The movie begins with Moll’s birthday, so a cupcake is the perfect choice.  When developing a lemon cupcake recipe, I kept hearing “not lemony enough”.  This recipe is as lemony as it gets.  I prefer the mini cupcakes because […]

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TIFF 2017 was rife with films about bad mothers.  Beast is one of the better (worst) ones.  Moll (Jessie Buckley) is an unstable young girl living at home with her uncaring mother, (Geraldine James).  Pascal (Johnny Flynn) is her new bad boy boyfriend.  The question is how bad is the bad boy and how good […]

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