The Aeronauts

The exciting ballooning scenes coupled with the nonlinear storyline keep this film moving right along.  This film is based on an actual flight taken by James Glaisher but Amelia Wren is a fictionalized compilation of several female balloonists of the time, his actual co-pilot Henry Tracey Coxwell is completely omitted from the film.  The chemistry […]

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Thanksgiving Weekend Recommendations

Thanksgiving weekend is a popular time to see a movie in the theater.   We thought we would remind you of some movies that we don’t want to fall through the cracks. Motherless Brooklyn is a movie that suffers from distribution challenges.  It is only showing at one theater (the Magnolia on McKinney) in the Dallas […]

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Ford vs Ferrari

Denise and Tony’s favorite movie at TIFF 2019 was Ford vs Ferrari.  Kind of a buddy movie, with fast cars and silly businessmen thrown in.  The chemistry between Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and Ken Miles (Christian Bale, Hostiles) seemed genuine.  I thought the big business shenanigans were fascinating.  The exhilarating car scenes kept my heart […]

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The Irishman – London Broil

The Irishman got his start driving a meat truck.  This movie is punctuated with scenes of different characters eating steak.  In the film, The Good Liar, there is a pivotal scene that culminates in the marinating of steaks.  We thought one of favorite recipes, London Broil, would be a good fit for both of these […]

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