The Oscar Bingo Game

As we all know the Academy Awards show goes on for hours.  One of the great ways to keep your guests involved and excited to is to play bingo.  Every year we print bingo cards for each guest.  The squares on the cards all relate to the Awards show.  So instead of calling out number, everyone just watches the show and marks their cards as the events happen.  Some squares on the cards are left to interpretation but we play for fun and don’t have rigid rules and of course we always award prizes.  Who doesn’t love a prize!

This is a picture of what one of our bingo cards looked like on year.

Bingo Card

You can easily make your own bingo cards in Microsoft Word using the mail merge function with Microsoft excel.  Here is a list ideas for your bingo squares:

  • “I’d like to thank the Academy”
  • “It’s just an honor to be nominated”
  • “This is really heavy”
  • Animated presenter
  • Came w/mom or child
  • Clip of (insert movie)
  • Cries
  • Famous couple – only one comes
  • First Time Winner
  • Forgets to mention spouse/other
  • Group Accepts Award
  • Hugs the presenter
  • Host Sings
  • Memorial Montage
  • Music cuts off Speech
  • New haircolor
  • Not Enough Fabric on Dress
  • Perfume Commercial Airs
  • Pregnant
  • Presenter Flubs
  • Puts on glasses to read notes
  • Someone Cries
  • Someone else mentions Meryl Streep
  • Someone in a Red Dress
  • Someone is Drunk
  • Someone Trips
  • Standing Ovation
  • Sunglasses Indoors
  • Teleprompter malfunction
  • Tells kids time to go to bed
  • Thanks God
  • Thanks parents
  • Thanks Spouse
  • The beard/mustache is new
  • Tongue tied on red carpet
  • Unflattering dress
  • Wacky Outfit
  • Walks the wrong way
  • Wardrobe Malfunction
  • Winner has Written Speech
  • Winner Kisses Date
  • Winner Not Present
  • Winner Thanks Academy
  • Winners Kisses Award

If you prefer just to download our cards, you can do that here:  Bingo 36 cards

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