2017 Academy Awards Menu

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When we first started to do our Academy Awards party, we would have a main dish and a dessert from every movie.  This, as it turns out, is a LOT of food and there were always a ton of leftovers.  Our families didn’t mind this problem but it was a big clean up chore at the end of a very long evening.  To this end we decide to cut down on the number menu items in 2017.  We decide to have at least one recipe from every movie.  If the movie was very food-centric or just had easy food pairings we would consider a second dish.

Here is what we came up with.  Look for our recipes in the upcoming posts.


  • Arroz Con Pollo
  • Mini Key Lime Cheesecakes

Manchester By the Sea

  • Crawfish soup

La La Land

  • Chicken on a Stick
  • Mini Ginger Molasses Starbucks cookies


  • Mini Huckleberry Fried Pies

Hell Or High Water

  • Steak & mashed potatoes w/horseradish
  • Lemon Extreme mini cupcakes


  • Sausage balls

Hacksaw Ridge

  • Chili Mac served in tin MRE

Hidden Figures

  • Fried Chicken w/biscuit bites


  • Jalebi
  • Samosas


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