Academy Awards Party Decor ’16

The Academy Awards is one of our favorite nights.  We have a party every year.  Usually our theme is Pajamas and Pearls.  It is a fun Girls Night out, no husbands are allowed.  Everyone is cozy in their nice warm jammies.  Our decor pretty similar from year to year.  Our attics are stuffed with boxes of black, gold and red Oscar decorations.

The first thing our guests see when they come in the door in the check-in table where they can pick up their swag bags.  These bags are filled with some fun items for the evening.  In 2016 we had purses with black boas, tiaras and pearls.  We also had a red envelope with their voting stars, more on that later.


Now to those voting stars.  In the red envelope everyone received had 6 stars, one for each of major Oscar categories:  Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Director.  In the main room, there are boards setup with a display of the nominees for each of these categories.  There are also small gift bags in front of each display for everyone to vote.  When the winner is announced for each category we draw a name out of that bag to win a prize.  How fun is that!

Oscar Voting Boards
2016 Academy Awards Voting Display Boards

We don’t stop there.  Since we pair our food with the movies nominated for the best picture, we have lots of table decorations.  You can easily print off mini versions of each movie’s poster to add some pizzazz to your table.

Oscars 2016 Table Decorations

What about drinks?  We always have an ample supply of water but one of the really fun thing we have is a mimosa bar.  It has become more elaborate every year.  There are so many wonderful juice combinations that you can buy right off the shelf.  We also offer a variety of fruits and herbs.  You can add few bottles of sparkling cider for the non-drinkers, so they can have a festive beverage also.

Academy Awards Themed Mimosa Bar

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