Academy Awards Party Decor ’17

It is just a few short weeks until the 90th Academy Awards and we have started to work on our party decor for this year.  That means getting up in the attic and bringing down all of our party gear. Since we still have all my decor and boards from last year stored there, we thought you would be interested in what we did last year.

Game Board

This is the first board our guests saw upon check in.  We change our games every year, so no one really knows what to expect.  The check in board just lets everyone know what is going on this year.  This is on an easel and sits by a table that has their swag bags and game supplies to be picked up.

Menu Board

Next comes the menu board.  This is the key to our Academy Awards Party.  We pair all our food with the Best Picture nominees.  We have done this for years before we realized that our guests had no idea where our food ideas came from.  This board explains the menu and why we choose to make each item.  Our guests loved this, so we have decided to make this a staple of party decor.

Voting Boards

The voting boards are pretty much the same year to year, except of course for the nominees.  We use photo mounting corners so that we can change the pictures from year to year.  For the names we use temporary glue dots so that they are easily swapped out also.  Our guests are given “Voting Stars” at the check in table and they vote for who they think should win each category.


What is a party with our beverages, this is just a quick picture of our mimosa bar fro last year.  We hope that this post inspires you for your Academy Awards party this year.

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