Finding Your Feet

Finding Your Feet - The GBY

Celia Imrie is the person you want to meet if your life has taken a downturn.  In Finding Your Feet, her Biff’s independent spirit helps her snooty sister Sandra (Imelda Staunton) find happiness after she makes a shocking discovery.   Her friends are quirky and interesting.  Joanna Lumley is stunning as their experienced friend, Jackie.  Charlie (Timothy Spall) is sweet and supportive and widower, Ted (David Hayman) finishes out their little tribe.  The way that Sandra’s friends and family from her previous life desert her was surprising.  This is a lovely movie.

Our Rating

4 Cupcakes - The GBY



Official Synopsis:

On the eve of retirement, a middle class, judgmental snob discovers her husband has been having an affair with her best friend and is forced into exile with her bohemian sister who lives on an impoverished inner-city council estate.


Principle Cast Timothy SpallJoanna LumleyImelda Staunton
Director Richard Loncraine
Screenwriter Meg LeonardNick Moorcroft
Cinematographer John Pardue
Editor Finding Your Feet - The GBYJohnny Daukes
Run Time 111 minutes
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance
Premier Palm Springs International Film Festival 2018

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