Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid Goes West - The GBY

The internet can be a refuge for people who aspire to a different life.  Ingrid (Aubrey Plaza) is a mentally unstable young woman who “befriends” internet “celebrities”.  Following their blogs gives her insight into their lives.  She uses the information to meet Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen).  Taylor can monetize her blog, so she focuses more on chronicling her life than she does living it.   The movie takes a disturbing turn that demonstrates the positive and negative aspects of allowing strangers into your life.  This movie gave me an interesting perspective on the social media phenomenon.


 3.5 Cupcakes - The GBY


Official Synopsis:

An unhinged social media stalker moves to LA and insinuates herself into the life of an Instagram star.

Ingrid Goes West Q & A


Sundance Film Festival 2017

Principle Cast Aubrey PlazaElizabeth OlsenO’Shea Jackson Jr.
Director Matt Spicer
Screenwriter David Branson SmithMatt Spicer
Cinematographer Bryce Fortner
Editor  Jack Price
Run Time 98 minutes
Genre Comedy, Drama


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