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Guilt, greed, betrayal and jealousy can lead us to life changing actions.  These actions can be even more devastating when they are facilitated by evil.  1945 is about a small Hungarian town that has been keeping their terrible secrets just under the surface of their happy existence.  The villagers are consumed by their guilt that manifests in different ways.  The black & white cinematography gives the film a stark and timeless quality.  The clopping of the horses, gnats’ buzzing and minimalistic score maintain the ominous atmosphere.  I am wondering what their plan was with the pitchforks.  We enjoyed this movie.   This is a very thought provoking movie.  It’s is not getting any publicity, so look for it at your local art house theater.

Our Review

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Official Synopsis:

12 August 1945, 11 AM. Two mysterious strangers dressed in black appear at the railway station of a Hungarian village. Within a few hours, everything changes.

1945  Q & A at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival


Principle Cast Péter RudolfBence TasnádiTamás Szabó Kimmel
Director Ferenc Török
Screenwriter Gábor T. SzántóFerenc Török
Cinematographer Elemér Ragályi
Editor Béla Barsi
Run Time 91 minutes
Genre Drama
Premier Berlin International Film Festival 2017

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