Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot

Don't Worry He Won't Get Far on Foot - The GBY


Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot is a biopic about John Callahan’s journey from despair to joy through caustic cynicism.  He starts out as a careless young man who doesn’t let tragedy or addiction slow him down.  The scenes where he is wheeling around Portland are unnerving but illustrate his lack of concern for his own well-being.  The subplot regarding his mother was a little muddled.   Joaquin Phoenix is a little old for his portrayal of the quadriplegic cartoonist, though his hairstyle tries to be rejuvenating.  There is something about his portrayal that doesn’t elicit much empathy.  Rooney Mara is ethereal as his candy striper/stewardess girlfriend.  Donny, John’s AA sponsor is portrayed by an unrecognizable Jonah Hill.  The rest of the supporting cast (Kim Gordon, Udo Kier, Beth Ditto and Carrie Brownstein) almost upstages Phoenix.   I enjoyed Callahan’s acerbic illustrations that are interleaved throughout the movie and Danny Elfman’s zippy score helps the mood.   The subplot regarding his mother was a little muddled.   This is an inspirational movie about one man’s drive to find sobriety and a successful life.   We saw this at Sundance Film Festival 2018.

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After Portland slacker John Callahan nearly loses his life in a car accident, the last thing he intends to do is give up drinking. But when he reluctantly enters treatment – with encouragement from his girlfriend and a charismatic sponsor – Callahan discovers a gift for drawing edgy, irreverent newspaper cartoons that develop a national following and grant him a new lease on life. Based on a true story, this poignant, insightful and often funny drama about the healing power of art is adapted from Callahan’s autobiography and directed by two-time Oscar® nominee Gus Van Sant.

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Principle Cast Joaquin Phoenix, Jonah Hill, Rooney Mara
Director Gus Van Sant
Screenwriter Gus Van Sant, Jack Gibson, William Andrew Eatman, John Callahan
Cinematographer Christopher Blauvelt
Editor David Marks, Gus Van Sant
Run Time 113 minutes
Genre Biography, Comedy, Drama
Premier Sundance Film Festival 2018
Distributed by: Amazon Studios

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