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Three Identical Strangers - The GBY

Three Identical Strangers opened at Sundance Film Festival 2018.  I don’t gravitate to documentary’s, but I liked this one.  The story is fantastic and frightening.  Fantastic that the three young men found each other.  Frightening due to the nefarious reasons they were separated in the first place.  It is interesting to watch the dynamics between the triplets – they don’t have birth order history, so they meet as equals. Also, many of their obvious characteristics matched probably because they didn’t spend their lives trying to be their own person.  I enjoyed all the photos and clips from the eighties when they were at the highpoint of their celebrity. It was as if they were growing up all over again, together.  It is telling that though the boys had been raised in different socioeconomic households with completely different parenting styles, each of them suffered with some type of mental illness episode in their teens and then continued their struggle as adults.   The interviews with Paula Bernstein and Elyse Schein, twins also separated at birth with a mother with mental illness, had similar results.   As enlightening as the film was, it still left me with a lot of questions.

I think it was despicable that this experiment was perpetrated by an affluent Jewish group on other Jewish families.  Even though this research has been revealed, the group still refuses to allow the study to be shared with the families involved.  Even though it appears that this investigation was not large enough to be statistically relevant, it does appear as if nature could be more dominant than nurture.  It also gives credence to mental illness being an inheritable disease.   I also thought it was a little Boys From Brazil that they each had an adopted sister that was two years older.   I believe this is one to watch.

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Three Identical Strangers Official Trailer

Official Synopsis:

In 1980 New York, three young men who were all adopted meet each other and find out they’re triplets who were separated at birth. Then they discover why.

Three Identical Strangers Sundance Film Festival Q & A


Director Tim Wardle
Cinematographer Tim Cragg
Editor Michael Harte
 Production Companies RAW TV
Run Time 96 minutes
Genre Documentary
Premier Sundance Film Festival 2018

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