TIFF Day #2

We started Day 2 of TIFF with a trip to the Member’s Box Office to exchange tickets.  We were pleasantly surprised how smoothly that went, so we walked to The Burger Priest on Adelaide.  They now offer a Keto bun, so we decided to give it a try on their California burger. The bun was okay but too small for the burger and tasted a little earthy.  The lunch hour is crazy busy so I would allow extra time (35 minutes).

Burger Priest - The GBY
The California Burger at Burger Priest with a Keto bun.

With an hour to kill before our first movie, we walked down King Street. The first weekend of the festival King Street is blocked off between Simcoe and Spadina to give it a street fair vibe.  Last year one of our favorite things was the Lindor chocolate truck, so this was the first thing we looked for.  Well, to our disappointment they did not have their truck this year but were still handing out samples.  Next we stopped at the L’Oreal booth, to get a lipstick and then went on to watch the Popcorn Trivia.

Finally, it was time to go see “Outlaw/King” at the Princess of Wales Theatre. No need to get in line early since we had assigned seats, orchestra, 6 rows from the front. Great until the tall with the hat sat down in front of Denise. Fortunately, he took off his hat and she was able to sit on her coat.


Outlaw King - The GBY

This is the story of Robert the Bruce defeating the English army to free Scotland from English rule.  The movie stars  Chris PineAaron Taylor-Johnson, and Florence Pugh.  We enjoyed Outlaw/King and Chris Pine is gorgeous, even though dirty most of the time. Sometimes we are disappointed by the lack of truth in a bio pic, since we haven’t done any research, the jury is still out.  The fight scenes are plentiful and very visceral, but the romantic subplot is very sweet. No talent was in attendance. This movie comes out November 9th. You should watch for it in theaters.

Our Rating for Outlaw/King

4.5 Cupcakes Rating - The GBY

When we walked over to the Scotiabank Theatre on Richmond Street., we stopped at Meltwich for a snack of Chicken Ranch Poutine. The guys that work there were very nice but the service was really slow. In the end we decided we really don’t like poutine that much, why would you do that to perfectly good fries?

Chicken Ranch Poutine Meltwich - The GBY
Chicken Ranch Poutine at Meltwich

Our fourth movie of the festival was “That Time of Year”, a Danish family movie about holiday drama. The writer (Jakob Weis), actor/director (Paprika Steen), producer (Mikael Chr. Rieks) and one of the actors (Sofie Gråbøl) were in attendance.  After listening to them speak, it felt like a home movie. This is supposed to be a movie about middle class average people, which we thought we were, but apparently, we’re not! If you want to feel better about your own family drama, maybe you should look for it when it comes to streaming.

That Time of Year

That time of year - The GBY
That Time of Year

Our Rating for That Time of Year

3 Cupcakes - The GBY

Currently, we have tickets to about 37 movies. We didn’t think that was enough, so we decided to rush “The Accused”. It was screened in the same theater that we saw “That Time of Year”, so we just went down stairs and got in the Rush line. If you don’t attend film festivals you may be asking what is a Rush Line.  When a movie sells out they start what is called a Rush Line, there is one Rush Line for each venue.  If there are empty seats before the movie starts they will let people in from the rush line until the theater is full.  You have to have cash on hand to buy your ticket as you go into the theater.  It is a great way to see a film at a discounted price.  Of course, you have no guarantee of getting in.  That’s part of the fun right!  As you are standing in the Rush Line you will see the volunteers walk by frantically, yelling out the name of the movie that has availability. On a side note, standing in the Rush Line, you will meet a lot of Press and Industry people as they all have to rush regular screenings.  “The Accused” was the last rush movie for the evening so by that time the line was fairly short. We got in, there were quite of few seats in the front section.

The Accused

The Accused - The GBY
The Accused

“The Accused” is an Argentinian movie about a young girl accused of murdering her best friend. The film does not focus on her guilt or innocence, but on her family, the press, and her attorney & his team. Lali Espósito, an Argentine popstar, was excellent as Dolores. Gonzalo Tobal the director, was in attendance for a Q & A. It is a very intense movie, well worth the wait in line. You should look for it on your streaming devices.

Our Rating for The Accused

4 Cupcakes - The GBY

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