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Welcome to Marwen - The GBY

Welcome to Marwen is a highly anticipated, star-studded, feel good film.  The combination of live action and Augmented Reality enhances the film, but it may be too much of a good thing.  It is a very interesting way to address PTSD and drug addiction from the suffers point of view.  We would have liked to see more of the live action part of the story.  Steve Carell is convincing as Mark Hogancamp, the victim of brutal attack.  After losing most of his memory, he creates a world of his own.  Marwen, is mostly populated by people in his real world.  Carell is both the struggling Mark and the invincible “Hogie”.   Lesley Mann is darling as perky, sympathetic new neighbor Nicole.  We would have liked to have seen more of Janelle Monáe (GI Jane) and Gwendoline Christie (Anna).  Merritt Weaver (Roberta) is lovely as his supportive friend and toy shop owner.  Diane Kruger (Deja Thoris) is creepy as the evil Belgian witch, though she doesn’t appear to have a “real” counterpart.  Interesting that Robert Zemekis cast his wife Leslie Zemekis (Suzette).  Eiza González (Caralala) and Eric Keenleyside (Larry/Friar) rounded out the good people of Marwen and Mark’s life.   It would have also been interesting to see how he got started on his art.

This film is based on the documentary Marwencol, available on iTunes.

Our recipe for crème caramel in a teacup is the perfect match for this film.

Our Rating for Welcome to Marwen:

3.5 Cupcakes - The GBY

Official Trailer for Welcome to Marwen:

Official Synopsis for Welcome to Marwen:

A victim of a brutal attack finds a unique and beautiful therapeutic outlet to help him through his recovery process.


Cast Steve Carell, Leslie Mann, Janelle Monáe, Merritt Weaver, Gwendoline Christie, Leslie Zemekis, Eiza González, Diane Kruger
Director Robert Zemekis
Screenwriter Robert Zemekis, Caroline Thompson
Cinematographer C. Kim Miles
Editor Jeremiah O’Driscoll
 Production Companies Universal Pictures, ImageMovers
Run Time 116 minutes
Genre Drama, Biography, Comedy
Premier December 21, 2018

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