January Movies

We started our blog just over a year ago with Academy Awards nominees and party ideas, so we really didn’t focus on what was in theaters in January.  The pickins’ are really slim!   Here are some movies we have seen lately but didn’t think they rated a full review.

Serenity movie - The GBY

Serenity.  The trailer promises a film noir on the level of Body Heat.  The cast is promising with Matthew McConaughey (White Boy Rick), he is not as sleazy as his Lincoln commercials, Anne Hathaway (Ocean’s Eight), her affected Blanche DuBois accent is a little irritating, Jason Clarke (Chappaquiddick) and my favorite, Diane Lane (Tully).   This movie takes some interesting turns that I don’t want to give away.  Whether you see it in theaters or watch it at home, see it with someone because there is much to talk about.  Tuna Melt might be a food choice for this film.

Stan and Ollie - the GBY

Stan & Ollie.   An interesting look into Laurel & Hardy’s later years.  Not really friends, just two men that worked well together.  Laurel seems to be the comedic brains and Hardy, an actor playing his part.  Steve Coogan plays Laurel convincingly and John C. Reilly (The Sisters Brothers) is unrecognizable as Hardy.   Danny Huston (Game Night) has a significant role as Hal Roach, the man who put them together.  The relationships with their wives are very telling.  This is a rainy afternoon at home kind of movie.   Deviled Eggs would be my recipe choice for this film.

A Dog's Way Home - The GBY

A Dog’s Way Home.  An enjoyable bit of fluff.  I laughed and cried.  I don’t understand why you could only hear the thoughts of Bella and not the rest of the animals, that would have been much more interesting.  The Vets are a nice addition to the plot.  Ashley Judd, Jonah Hauer-King, Edward James Olmos, Alexandra Shipp (Love, Simon) and Barry Watson fill out the human cast.  I love that Bella is played by Shelby but concerned that Big Kitten doesn’t get a film credit.   You could pair fish sticks with this film, also anything from the trash can!

You should spend this time catching up on the Oscar nominees or see The Upside if you are like me and have to go to the theater at least once a week.

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