2019 Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts

Oscar-Nominated-Shorts-2019-Live-Action - The GBY

Skin – A small supermarket in a blue collar town, a black man smiles at a 10 year old white boy across the checkout aisle. This innocuous moment sends two gangs into a ruthless war that ends with a shocking backlash.  This was an interesting short that could definitely grow into a feature film.  The ending was ironic and original.

Fauve – Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer… The first 12 or so minutes is just two boys playing outdoors with the kind of freedom we had 50 years ago.  The rest of the movie is a young boy coming to terms with the consequences of that kind of freedom.

Marguerite – An aging woman and her nurse develop a friendship that inspires her to unearth unacknowledged longing and thus help her make peace with her past.  A thought-provoking character study of two women.  One enjoying the current changes in the social climate, one suffering from the judgement of the past.

Detainment – Two ten year-old boys are detained by police under suspicion of abducting and murdering a toddler. A true story based on interview transcripts and records from the James Bulger case which shocked the world in 1993.  This was one of the most frightening films I have seen in a while.  The performances given by the two young actors was riveting and gripping.

Mother (Madre) – While at home in her apartment with her own mother in Spain, a woman gets a phone call from her six-year-old son, who’s on holiday in France with his father. Every parent’s nightmare ensues.  This is a Spanish film with standout performances from the mother and grandmother.  Even though you feel their urgency and fear, the mother’s ability to comfort her child at the same time was heartbreaking.

We would like to see Madre win this category.

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