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The Man Who Knew Infinity - The GBY

The first year we went to the Toronto International Film Festival was 2015.  We only went for four days and saw 4 movies together.   We stood in the longest line we had ever seen at the Princess of Wales Theatre.  We were convinced that we would have terrible seats or that we wouldn’t be able to sit together, if we got in at all.  To our pleasant surprise we had great seats and sat together.  The theater seats 2,000!

Our screening was of a little-known film, The Man Who Knew Infinity.   A biopic about Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.  He is referenced in Good Will Hunting.   It is a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening film starring Dev Patel  and Jeremy Irons (Red Sparrow).  It is pre-WWI, set in India and England.  Being self-taught and Indian, Ramanujan had to conquer many obstacles and much prejudice in his quest to study mathematics.  Many of his discoveries are still in use today.

This was a great movie for one of our first festival experiences.  Not only did we ALL like it but there was a Q & A after the film.  Patel, Irons, Matt Brown, Devika Bhise, Robert Kanigel (author of the book, The Man Who Knew Infinity) and three guys there to try to explain the math to us were all present.  This was impressive because they are only required to attend the premier, any subsequent screenings are up to the actor’s discretion.  We could really see how everyone involved was very supportive of this project.

I picked this film, not only because it is one that may have fallen through the cracks but because Dev Patel has two movies out this week.  Hotel Mumbai, that I will review tomorrow and The Wedding Guest, that I hope to see this weekend.

You can enjoy fried cocktail samosas and mint chutney while streaming this film.

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