Throwback Thursday

The Catcher was a Spy - the GBY

Recently, Denise and I watched The Catcher Was A Spy.  This movie debuted at Sundance 2018, but we were unable to watch it.  It had a limited release and is now available on Amazon Prime.  The film is based on the life of Moe Berg.  Berg was a well educated (Princeton & Yale) baseball player (1923 – 1941) that later worked for the OSS (CIA).  Paul Rudd does a nice job portraying Berg as a man without “a home”.   Sienna Miller (American Woman) is charming as his longstanding girlfriend, Estella.  Jeff Daniels, Paul Giamatti and Guy Pearce (Mary, Queen of Scots) round out the cast.

The Natural - the GBY

My choice for Throwback Thursday is one of my favorite movies, The Natural.  Released in May, 1984 it was nominated for 4 Academy Awards.  Randy Newman’s iconic score lost out to Passage to India.  An interesting twist was that Glenn Close was nominated for Best Supporting Actress (Academy Award) and Kim Basinger was nominated for Best Supporting Actress (Golden Globe award) both lost to Peggy Ashcroft (Passage to India).  This film is based on the novel of the same name by Bernard Malamud.  a movie you just can’t watch too much.  It also shows that if you are on the road to greatness you should never stray from the good woman in your life.  Robert Redford (The Old Man and the Gun) ’s smile is electric in this movie.  Wilford Brimley, Robert Duvall (Widows), Richard Farnsworth, Kim Basinger and Glenn Close all give powerful performances.

Spy Game brings these movies together.  An interesting cat and mouse game that stars Robert Redford, as a retiring CIA agent reminiscing about training his protege Brad Pitt.  Released in 2001, this movie kept me on the edge of my seat.

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