Throwback Thursday

Slumdog Millionaire - The GBY

Slumdog Millionaire was the Best Picture of 2009.  Danny Boyle’s film about a young boy in Mumbai walked away with a total of eight Academy Awards including Best Director, Adapted Screenplay, Cinematography, Editing, Score, Original Song and Sound Mixing.  This film focuses on Jamal, a winning contestant on “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire”.  After he is accused of cheating by the Police Inspector (Irrfan Khan, Puzzle) flashbacks depict his life experiences.  Even set in the backbreaking poverty of India, this movie has it all – action, humor, tears and romance.  Jamal is portrayed by three actors, Ayush Mahesh Khedekar (amazing little guy), Tanay Chheda and Dev Patel (Hotel Mumbai).   The backbone of the film is Jamal’s enduring love for Latika (Rubina Ali, Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar and Freida Pinto).  Watch to the very end.

Quiz Show - The GBY

In an age when people became famous for their abilities and actions instead of their TV presence, the Quiz Show scandal rocked our country.  Today this wouldn’t be a scandal, it would almost be expected.    In post-WWII America, the idea of placing TV ratings before integrity and truth was unprecedented.   Now it is an everyday occurrence.  Robert Redford directed Quiz Show, a movie that depicts how this scandal was the start of a much deeper transformation of our values.    Herb Stempel (John Turturro) is a shlubby contestant that is replaced by the urbane Charles Van Doren (Ralph Fiennes) because he is more appealing to the audience.  Richard Goodwin (Rob Morrow) is a Washington lawyer brought in to investigate the corruption.   Charles’ father Mark Van Doren (Paul Scofield), a significant scholar in his own right, is completely disheartened by his son’s actions.

Quiz Show received three nominations – Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay with one win, Best Supporting Actor – Scofield.   1994 was the year of Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption and the winner Forrest Gump.

Either of these movies will test your trivia knowledge.  Enjoy them with samosa’s or a good pastrami sandwich.

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