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Update:  Free Solo is now on the National Geographic channel.  Catch it now, for free, you won’t be disappointed.

Alex Honnold sat two rows in front of us at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival as we watched Free Solo.   But we were still on the edge of our seats.  The documentary covers over a year in the life of this free solo climber.  They reviewed his upbringing and family, and his start in climbing.  We met his girlfriend, Sanni McCandless, who bravely supported Honnold is his quest.   The film crew for the documentary was made up of professional climbers.  It was fascinating to watch how Alex prepped for his free solo climb of El Capitan in Yellowstone National Park.  He made many practice climbs to map out the face of the rock and took meticulous notes.  He also made climbs of lesser difficulty to ready himself for the actual climb.  Alex has a true passion for climbing.  His focus and preparation was impressive.  The actual climb was a nail biter, especially for the film crew.  Directors Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, Alex Honnold and Sanni McCandless and several members of their film crew were in attendance at the film and participated in the Q & A.  They also held court outside the theater after the screening, signing casts and meeting fans.  Jimmy Chin is also a world renown climbing photographer.  He and Alex signed books for Denise after the movie.

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Official Trailer for Free Solo

Official Synopsis for Free Solo

Follow Alex Honnold as he becomes the first person to ever free solo climb Yosemite’s 3,000ft high El Capitan Wall. With no ropes or safety gear, he completed arguably the greatest feat in rock climbing history.

Free Solo Q & A at TIFF 2018


Principle Cast Alex Honnold , Tommy CaldwellJimmy Chin
Director Jimmy ChinElizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
Cinematographer Jimmy Chin, Clair Popkin, Mikey Schaefer
Editor Bob Eisenhardt
 Production Companies LucasFilm, Ltd.
Run Time 100 minutes
Genre Documentary
Premier Telluride Film Festival 2018

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