Burn Your Maps

Burn Your Maps - The GBY

We saw Burn Your Maps at TIFF 2016.  We loved it.  It is a movie with an original take on how a family copes with tragedy.  Vera Farmiga (The Front Runner) and Virginia Madsen added depth to the cast.  It was screened at the Hot Docs Theater near the end of the festival.  Even though we had seen so many movies (we try to see 35 in ten days), this one really stuck out.  Writer/director, Jordan Roberts and Jacob Tremblay were in attendance.   Tremblay was poised and charming. We have been very surprised over the past three years that this movie seemed to sit on the shelf.  It screened at a few more film festivals but that was it.  Finally, it is available on Amazon Prime.  This is a soulful little movie that is worth your time.

Room - The GBY

Room (2016), with Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) taking home the Best Actress Oscar, is a very different movie.  I think that Jacob Tremblay actually stole the show with his memorable performance as Jack.  I thought he had the more difficult part and being so young, he did it beautifully.  They should have an Oscar for a child’s performance when appropriate.

Book of Henry - The GBY

The Book Of Henry (2017) is another sweet Tremblay movie that didn’t get a lot of traction.  A tearjerker with a little intrigue and potential romance.  Naomi Watts (Vice), Lee Pace and Dean Norris (The Hustle) round out the cast.

Wonder - The GBY

Wonder (2017) with Julia Roberts (Ben is Back) & Owen Wilson was a bigger film for Tremblay.  I thought everyone in this movie did a great job with the subject matter.  Even though Roberts was convincing as the haggard mother and Wilson was wonderful as the loving dad, I didn’t really feel any chemistry between them as a couple.

Tremblay can also be seen in the upcoming Good Boys premiering August 16th.

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