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After seeing The Women’s Balcony our first year at TIFF 2016 we started stalking their distributor, Menemsha Films.  In 2018, Shelter caught our eye.  We were finally able to watch it on Amazon Prime and it was totally worth the wait.

This is a modern thriller that is about trust and manipulation.  This film aptly portrays the loneliness that accompanies people who do not trust.  It also shows the consequences of letting down your guard and beginning to trust.  Neta Riskin and Golshifteh Farahani (The Upside) play their respective roles beautifully.

Our Rating for “Shelter”:

4 Cupcakes - The GBY

Official Trailer for “Shelter”:

Official Synopsis of “Shelter”:

Mossad agent Naomi is called back from sick leave and assigned to a “babysitting” job. Under a new identity, she heads to Germany to protect Mona a beautiful Lebanese informant, whom special agents have pulled from her country and hidden in a Hamburg safe house while she recovers from plastic surgery. Naomi soon learns that Mona is very close to a top Hezbollah leader, a man she betrayed and who is dead-set on exacting revenge. During the two weeks they spend together, an unexpected bond forms between the two women, forged from shared risks and a deep understanding of loss. But in this high-stakes game of deception, questions of fate may be out of their control.


Principal Cast  Neta RiskinGolshifteh FarahaniYehuda Almagor
Director Eran Riklis
Screenwriter Eran Riklis, based on the short story “The Link”, by Shulamith Hareven
Cinematographer Richard Marizy
Editor Esther Kling, Susanne Ritter
 Production Companies Eran Riklis Productions
Run Time 93 minutes
Genre Drama, Thriller
Premier September 6, 2017 – Israel

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