We are The Good, The Bad and The Yummy, The GBY for short.  We enjoy movies, cooking and putting the two together.  Now that our nests are empty, there is much more time for both.

Traveling to Sundance and TIFF has allowed us to see many movies that fall through the cracks.   With streaming services today, these movies could get a second look.  We also see movies that get a lot of undeserved (our opinion) hype.  We are not trained critics, but we know what we like.

Our rating system:

One Cupcake – probably should skip it

Two Cupcakes– See it on TV for free

Three Cupcakes – Good enough to pay for

Four Cupcakes  – Really liked it but it might not be for everyone

Five Cupcakes – drop everything and see it in the theater today!

Choosing foods that reflect a film is a hobby for us.  Dishes that are in the movie or resonate the location or feeling of the movie.  We are partial to two bite/easy to eat recipes and cupcakes are always a favorite.

We host a big Academy Awards party that allows us to show our stuff.  Searching the internet for menu and game ideas really left us flat.  We decided to put our ideas out there to inspire you.

Robin and Denise - The GBY