TIFF Day #11

Maya Our final day started with a walk to Cora’s, a Toronto staple.  Their breakfasts are a little large, but very tasty.  We left Karl and Tony behind to pick up the check when we left for the Scotiabank Theatre.  Screening number 33 was “Maya”.  This filmed turned out to be about a relationship between […]

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TIFF Day #10

Shoplifters Day 10 started early with a 9 a.m. screening of “Shoplifters”. Tony came with us and we met up with Michael at the TIFF Bell Lightbox This Japanese film won the Palme d’ Or at the Cannes Film Festival this year. The movie depicts a “family” lead by a small time criminal. They shoplift […]

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TIFF Day #9

The Dive This morning Tony & Michael joined us for “The Dive” at the Scotiabank Theatre.  This is an Israeli film about brothers, family, and obligations.  Writer/director Yona Rozenkier is joined by his brothers, Yoel & Micha in the making of the movie.  The film is set at the kibbutz they grew up in and […]

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TIFF Day #8

The Innocent Another quick stop at Quantum Coffee to get our day started, then off to TIFF Bell Lightboxtheater for screening number 23.  The writer/director Simon Jaquemet introduced the film and said that he was sorry to ruin our day.  “The Innocent” (Der unschuldige)” is a Swiss film that alternates between reality and fantasy, or does […]

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TIFF Day #7

Green Book Quantum Coffee was our first stop of the day as we walked to the Elgin Theatre for our 19th screening. “Green Book”.  This movie has a nebulous title and plot summary we have heard before so when we found out that Peter Farrelly (Dumb & Dumber) was the director, we were already regretting getting […]

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TIFF Day #6

First Man Today was family day, the one screening that Karl goes with us.  We saw “First Man” at the Princess of Wales Theatre.  This movie is filmed in 16 mm, 35 mm and IMAX.  This gives some of the family scenes a home movie feel and the moon scenes breathtaking vastness.  The movie focuses […]

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TIFF Day #4

Wow! What a day.  We have seen 12 movies and 8 of them have been World Premieres.  “Greta”, “Ullyse & Mona”, “It’s That Time of Year”, “The Accused”, “Mademoiselle de Jocquieres”, “Cities of Last Things”, “Free Solo” and “If Beale Street Could Talk” had never been shown to an audience before.  This made the Q […]

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TIFF Day #3

Our first movie of the day was all the way over at the Ryerson Theatre, so Karl drove us.  It was Saturday morning and the line was around the corner and down the block.  Again, we were able to get good seats despite the long line. Beautiful Boy Yesterday’s morning movie was “Beautiful Boy”, based on the […]

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TIFF Day #2

We started Day 2 of TIFF with a trip to the Member’s Box Office to exchange tickets.  We were pleasantly surprised how smoothly that went, so we walked to The Burger Priest on Adelaide.  They now offer a Keto bun, so we decided to give it a try on their California burger. The bun was okay but too small for […]

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