Guilt, greed, betrayal and jealousy can lead us to life changing actions.  These actions can be even more devastating when they are facilitated by evil.  1945 is about a small Hungarian town that has been keeping their terrible secrets just under the surface of their happy existence.  The villagers are consumed by their guilt that […]

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor

Every child needs to have someone that believes that they are special, even if this person is on TV.  For many children, this person was Mr. Rogers.  Won’t You Be My Neighbor confirms that Fred Rogers was completely sincere and focused on what was important to children.  He was proof that you could teach and […]

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Woman Walks Ahead

I am frustrated by this type of movie.  It states that it is based on a true story.  Unfortunately, many people get their history from the movies.  I don’t know why movie makers can’t just stick with the truth or just change all the names so that it is a work of fiction.  Yes, Sitting […]

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Hostiles is a balanced depiction of life in the west.  There were good and bad people on both sides.   It shows that if you fear or hate a group of people, you can see their point of view if you are forced to spend time with them individually.    Christian Bale portrays the conflicted Captain Blocker, […]

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Roasted Garlic & Cauliflower Soup

We attended the annual movie night for Haynes & Boone’s women clients and business colleagues.   As always, it was a lovely event.  So many delightful women in one place!  The Jeanne Toussaint (specialty drink) was delicious. This year’s choice of Ocean’s 8 was similar, so many fabulous actresses in one movie!   The vegan cream soup […]

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Maple Bourbon Milkshake

Hearts Beat Loud is a sweet yet modern movie.  Sam (Kiersey Clemons) and her new friend, Rose (Sasha Lane) have an old-fashioned milkshake date.  Sam is underage, so they would not have had this delicious milkshake.  We liked this recipe because bourbon is our favorite and maple reminds us of Toronto (we will be heading […]

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Hearts Beat Loud

This is a musical without randomly bursting into song.  A charming story of first love, new love, next steps and final steps.  Frank Fischer (Nick Offerman) is a good man that put aside his dreams to care for his family.   Now that his daughter, Sam (Kiersey Clemons) is leaving for college, he is a little […]

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Ocean’s 8

Wow!  Rarely does a movie with this much hype not disappoint.  Ocean’s 8 is one of those movies.  It is sleek, sophisticated and clever.  The Met is an incredible background for the heist.  A sleek Sandra Bullock and cool biker chick Cate Blanchett lead this band of criminals.  Helena Bonham Carter is wonderful as the […]

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Hotel Artemis

We are split on this movie.  I am a fan of Jodie Foster and wondered what would bring her to the screen.  I read that she sought out the director and was the first actor to attach to the film.  Nurse is a very different role that she really embraced.   Dave Bautista is effective as […]

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