It All Started with a Whale Shark

I just went to Guam and Japan to visit my daughter, so my timing is a bit off.  We went to the Kyoto Aquarium to see their whale-sharks.  Truly impressive.  This brought to mind a couple of movies that you might like to revisit. Jaws (1975), Steven Spielberg’s second feature film and it is a […]

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Throwback Thursday – Summer

Summer is the time for camp, the beach, a summer romance and getting ready for college.  Now is the time to remember some of the best summer movies ever. American Graffiti (1973) is George Lucas’ only film that is not set in the future.  A charming film about a group of high schoolers the night […]

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Throwback Thursday – Baseball

When many people think of summer their minds go straight to baseball.  There are a number of good baseball movies.  Here are just a few. My favorite is The Natural (1984).  One of Robert Redford’s most appealing roles.  Nominated for four Academy, this film, based the Bernard Malamud novel, has it all – romance, baseball […]

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Throwback Thursday – The Beatles

On February 7, 1964, “Beatlemania” arrived.  The Beatles, had scored their first No. 1 U.S. hit, “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, just six days before.  They were greeted by 3,000 screaming fans.  Two days later, The Beatles made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, an estimated 73 million U.S. television viewers, or […]

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Throwback Thursday – Toy Story

Pixar changed the face of animation when Toy Story opened in 1995.  The film has the perfect balance of animation, wit, jokes and kid’s humor, this film was a joy for the whole family to watch.   It is also packed with topics to discuss with your children after the film.  Voiced by Tom Hanks (The […]

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