The Favourite

We were so excited about The Favourite.  We have been waiting for it since it’s premiere in Venice, where Olivia Colman won the Volpi Cup for Best Actress.  We sat down at the Alamo Drafthouse Cedars and they even had a mini menu with items inspired by the film – we were thrilled.  Then it started.  […]

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Instant Family

I will admit that we went to see Instant Family ready to totally pan it.  The trailer made it look more stupid than heartfelt.  We felt that it may be just a product of the media machine. We were pleasantly surprised.  It did have a couple of scenes that went a bit too far, but […]

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Shoplifters – Noodles With Vegetables and Miso-Sesame Broth

Shoplifters is a great movie that should not be missed.  We are really hoping it ends up being nominated for Best Foreign Film.  Throughout the film they have several meals with noodles.   This recipe for Noodles With Vegetables and Miso-Sesame Broth is the perfect accompaniment to Shoplifters.

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Shoplifters (Manbiki Kazoku)

Shoplifters is one of those movies we don’t want to fall through the cracks.  It is a very charming Japanese film.  It won the Palme d’Or at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.  Previous winners are The Square, I, Daniel Blake, Pulp Fiction and M*A*S*H.  We also saw this movie on Day 10 of the 2018 […]

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The Front Runner – Apple Cinnamon Monkey Bread

We didn’t really think The Front Runner was a great movie, but couldn’t resist the recipe tie in.  Monkey Business was the name of the boat that all the hanky panky between Hart & Rice supposedly took place.  This recipe for Monkey Bread is the perfect tie in.  Enjoy!

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Front Runner

We saw The Front Runner on day 10 of the 2018 Toronto Film Festival.  The screening took place at the campus theater at Ryerson University.  Touted as a political thriller, we definitely were not on the edge of our seats.  Our view into the media’s apprehension in reporting the affair is interesting.  Previously, the press […]

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Green Book – Mussels with Linguine

For you Italians, you probably recognized the traditional Dinner of the Seven Fishes that Dolores was serving on Christmas Eve.  This is a great recipe if you are going the extra mile.  If not, one of the funniest scenes in Green Book involved Kentucky Fried chicken.  A bucket of KFC popcorn nuggets would also be […]

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Green Book

Finally, it’s here!  We have been telling anyone who would listen, and even some people who wouldn’t, this is the movie of the year!  Our favorite movie and winner of the 2018 People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival.  We liked it so much we sent our husbands and they agreed.  We were […]

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