Blackkklansman – Steubie Snacks

In Blackkklansman, Ron Stallworth is a police officer in Colorado.  When searching for a recipe to pair with this movie we focused on the state of Colorado for lack of any other use of food in the movie.  We found this delectable treat that hails from Steuben’s in Denver.  The little nuggets of braised pork […]

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Mini Pot Roast Bites

On Chesil Beach opens with our newlyweds, Florence and Edward, trying to eat the nuptial dinner.  Flashbacks of their courtship are interspersed as they nervously watch their meal being prepared in their room by two solicitous but clumsy waiters.  The tension continues to mount as they sit down to beef with boiled potatoes, carrots and […]

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Tarteletter or Danish Chicken and Asparagus Tartlets

This is a stretch.  I think the only thing consumed in The Guilty is the Danish version of Alka-Selzer.   I found this recipe at  and thought it looked like comfort food.  It might be something Asker would have after his evening at the office.

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Potato Latke

The opening scene of The Women’s Balcony is the congregation walking to their Synagogue, bringing food, to a Bar Mitvah.  This portrayed how joyful and close this community was.  Potato Latkes would have been one of the dishes brought to the event.  This recipe is from Barefoot Contessa, one of my favorite Food Network chefs. […]

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Lasagna Roll Ups

Call Me By Your Name was set in Italy in a carefree little Italian village. The days were warm and sunny and seemed to go on forever. When trying to pick a recipe to pair with this movie, we didn’t want anything heavy, so we decided to take our Lasagna Roll Ups and downsize them. This is a really easy recipe to use an appetizer, you can even keep them in the freezer for when those last minute guests show up.

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