The Sisters Brothers

It is amazing what you can glean from a movie, even if you don’t particularly enjoy it.  The Sisters Brothers, Eli (John C. Reilly) and Charlie (Joaquin Phoenix, Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot) are a pair of hired killers in 1850.  Charlie seems to really enjoy his work and Eli justifies his […]

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The Old Man & The Gun

As much as I enjoyed this movie I really hope it’s not Robert Redford’s last movie.  “The Old Man & The Gun” is just a bit of fluff.  Redford’s portrayal of Forrest Tucker, an actual bank robber that escaped from 18 different facilities, is done with his usual charming demeanor that we have come to […]

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A Simple Favor

A Simple Favor was a surprise.  It’s a clever, funny thriller that keeps you guessing until the end.  Blake Lively is superb as the sophisticated and mysterious Emily while Anna Kendrick is adorable as the over achieving under confident Stephanie.  These two actresses play off each other wonderfully.  It is charming to watch them get […]

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I saw Blackkklansmen at the Bangor Mall Cinema 10 in Bangor, ME.  It is a nice theater with recliners.  John David Washington, son of Denzel, plays Ron Stallworth. I thought he was very stilted and uncomfortable in the beginning, but he loosened up.  Maybe he was supposed to be that self-conscious since he was the […]

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Eighth Grade

We missed this film when it premiered at Sundance 2018, where it was an Audience Award winner.  I enjoyed this movie, many scenes reminded of drama with my own daughter.  Kayla Day (Elsie Fisher) is a shy 14 year old girl (voted Most Quiet) that is completing her last week of Eighth Grade.  She has […]

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Christopher Robin

We saw Christopher Robin at a sneak preview courtesy of the Walt Disney Company.  This movie will not appeal to everyone.  It is not really a children’s movie and may be a little slow for those who don’t have a history with the books.  If you are a fan of the Milne books, this is […]

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Blindspotting:  When a situation or an image can be interpreted in two different ways, but you can only see one of the interpretations. Blindspotting is a very powerful movie with a lot to say.  It may be trying too hard to hit all the political talking points of today.  It may have been more effective […]

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Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot

  Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot is a biopic about John Callahan’s journey from despair to joy through caustic cynicism.  He starts out as a careless young man who doesn’t let tragedy or addiction slow him down.  The scenes where he is wheeling around Portland are unnerving but illustrate his lack of […]

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Sorry to Bother You

Since Sorry To Bother You opened at Sundance 2018 it has been touted as this year’s Get Out.  I found it to be less powerful because it is set in an alternate universe.  This film has a lot to say and is fairly funny in the beginning.  I don’t understand why Danny Glover’s character didn’t […]

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