Mary Poppins Returns

When I was little, my mother and I stood in line for two hours in the rain to watch the classic Mary Poppins.  Now, *** years later, we watched Mary Poppins Returns at the Cinemark Roanoke, complete with recliners and wine!  As highly anticipated as this movie was, it did leave us wanting.  The plot […]

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Sorry to Bother You

Since Sorry To Bother You opened at Sundance 2018 it has been touted as this year’s Get Out.  I found it to be less powerful because it is set in an alternate universe.  This film has a lot to say and is fairly funny in the beginning.  I don’t understand why Danny Glover’s character didn’t […]

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Solo, a Star Wars Story

I enjoyed the new installment of Star Wars.  There are quite a few exciting action scenes.  Alden Ehrenreich is good as a young Han Solo, though he talks more than Harrison Ford.  Emilia Clarke is adorable as his love interest, Qi’ra.  Donald Glover is just as brash and confident as we imagined the young Lando […]

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