The Irishman – London Broil

The Irishman got his start driving a meat truck.  This movie is punctuated with scenes of different characters eating steak.  In the film, The Good Liar, there is a pivotal scene that culminates in the marinating of steaks.  We thought one of favorite recipes, London Broil, would be a good fit for both of these […]

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Blackkklansman – Steubie Snacks

In Blackkklansman, Ron Stallworth is a police officer in Colorado.  When searching for a recipe to pair with this movie we focused on the state of Colorado for lack of any other use of food in the movie.  We found this delectable treat that hails from Steuben’s in Denver.  The little nuggets of braised pork […]

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Mini Pot Roast Bites

On Chesil Beach opens with our newlyweds, Florence and Edward, trying to eat the nuptial dinner.  Flashbacks of their courtship are interspersed as they nervously watch their meal being prepared in their room by two solicitous but clumsy waiters.  The tension continues to mount as they sit down to beef with boiled potatoes, carrots and […]

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