Chappaquiddick is a disturbing biopic.   Jason Clarke’s callous, self-centered portrayal of Ted Kennedy is alarming.  Seeing his relationship with his father (Bruce Dern), explained a lot.   Ed Helms (Joe Gargan) and Jim Gaffigan (Paul Markham) do a fine job in their dramatic roles.  The devotion of the Boiler Room Girls is effectively portrayed by Olivia […]

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Love, Simon

This is a John Hughes film for a new generation. Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel are perfect as Simon’s loving, supportive parents.  Nick Robinson is wonderful as Simon.  Simon is a good son, brother and friend with very little rebellious teenage angst.   He is an engaging high school senior with a secret.   Simon floats between […]

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The Death of Stalin

At TIFF 2017, this was one of the movies to see.  This film is supposed to be an uproarious dark comedy.  It is dark.  The Three Stooges moments are a little humorous.  Unfortunately, the story is accurate enough that you can’t forget the horrors of Stalin’s regime.   Steve Buscemi‘s conniving Kruschev and Jeffrey Tambor’s bumbling […]

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The Leisure Seeker

I have no personal experience with Alzheimer’s Disease.  That said, I really enjoyed this movie.  I thought Helen Mirren’s portrayal of Ella was delightful, just the right balance of love and frustration.  Even when faced with a shock, she displays a believable amount of outrage and forgiveness.  Donald Sutherland’s John is exasperating, charming and convincingly confused.  […]

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The Women’s Balcony

This is one of our favorite movies at TIFF 2016.  It is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.  The Women’s Balcony is a charming movie about a tight Jewish congregation.  During a Bar Mitzvah, the segregated women’s balcony collapses.  How the community deals with this misfortune is interesting and delightful. Our Rating:    OFFICIAL […]

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Bleak, dreary, cold (literally and emotionally), these are the words that come to mind after watching Loveless.  The little boy’s brief appearance is heartbreaking.   The parents are detached and self-centered.  The mother can’t seem to get off her phone and the father is more worried about his job and his childish (pregnant) new girlfriend.   The […]

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Red Sparrow

We enjoyed this film.  Jennifer Lawrence is convincing with her emotionless, “just doing my job” persona.  Joel Edgerton is fine as the emotional American.  Charlotte Rampling is frightening as the cold instructor.  Mary-Louise Parker’s Stephanie Boucher is fabulous. The rest of the supporting cast – Joely Richardson, Jeremy Irons, Ciarán Hinds and Matthias Schoenaerts  are […]

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Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri is a very original story.  Excellent melding of humor and tragedy.  Of course, Frances McDormand is perfect as Mildred because Martin McDonagh wrote the part for her. She is a woman so overcome by grief over the death of her daughter that she is driven to desperate acts.  The uniform […]

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