2016 Academy Awards Menu

The 2016 Best Motion Picture nominations had a few films that were hard to translate to menu items.  We had Mad Max that did not relate to a particular region that we could pull food ideas from and the only food item we could remember was breast milk.  Then we had the Revenant that did not have any cooked food.  That being said we just decided to just make what we wanted.

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The Oscar Bingo Game

As we all know the Academy Awards show goes on for hours.  One of the great ways to keep your guests involved and excited to is to play bingo.  Every year we print bingo cards for each guest.  The squares on the cards all relate to the Awards show.  So instead of calling out number, everyone just watches the show and marks their cards as the events happen.  Some squares on the cards are left to interpretation but we play for fun and don’t have rigid rules and of course we always award prizes.  Who doesn’t love a prize!

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