Hotel Artemis

We are split on this movie.  I am a fan of Jodie Foster and wondered what would bring her to the screen.  I read that she sought out the director and was the first actor to attach to the film.  Nurse is a very different role that she really embraced.   Dave Bautista is effective as […]

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The Guilty

The Guilty is an absorbing film that should be seen in the theater if possible.  This film is the definition of minimalism, but you are totally captivated by the action.   Just like a trailer, I don’t want to give you any preconceived ideas.  We saw this at Sundance 2018 and really enjoyed it. Our Rating: […]

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Jon Hamm is excellent as broken diplomat, Mason Skiles.  Rosemund Pike does a fine turn as Sandy Crowder, a second-tier government official.   Dean Norris, Larry Pine and Shea Whigham round out the cast.  The administration has its own agenda that is not necessarily in the best interest of the Lebanese. The film is a taut […]

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Chappaquiddick is a disturbing biopic.   Jason Clarke’s callous, self-centered portrayal of Ted Kennedy is alarming.  Seeing his relationship with his father (Bruce Dern), explained a lot.   Ed Helms (Joe Gargan) and Jim Gaffigan (Paul Markham) do a fine job in their dramatic roles.  The devotion of the Boiler Room Girls is effectively portrayed by Olivia […]

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Red Sparrow

We enjoyed this film.  Jennifer Lawrence is convincing with her emotionless, “just doing my job” persona.  Joel Edgerton is fine as the emotional American.  Charlotte Rampling is frightening as the cold instructor.  Mary-Louise Parker’s Stephanie Boucher is fabulous. The rest of the supporting cast – Joely Richardson, Jeremy Irons, Ciarán Hinds and Matthias Schoenaerts  are […]

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Other Notable Oscar Nominations 2018

I, Tonya A humorous look at a tragic pop culture event.  Margot Robbie is great as hard scrabble Tonya Harding trying desperately to skate her way out of her shabby life.  Allison Janney is flawless as Harding’s hard driving, alcoholic, abusive mother.  The bird is a great touch.  The documentary style of the movie adds […]

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